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We are manufacturer and supplier of lanyards, badge holders, ID cards, retractable badge reels and badge clips for school, business or trade show name badges with factory direct wholesale cost to general publics.
Lanyards, Badge Holder, Retractable Badge Holder, Badge Clips
We supplies custom selections of ID card name badge holders, badge clips (bulldog or alligator clips), keyrings (split-rings, key chains ), swivel hooks, safety breakaway, or custom logo imprinted for neck lanyards or wrist lanyard applications.

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Welcome to A1 Lanyards ID Badge Supply, Inc
Lanyard Manufacturer and Factory Direct ID Store
Non-Printed, Blank or Plain Lanyards
Large Inventory of High Quality and Low Cost
In Stock - Ship Immediately !
Low Cost
Round Cord
  Flat Blank
Low Cost
 Safety Plain
All In One
Detachable Safety
 Super Low Budge
Small Money
 For Big Event

Package Deal
School, College & University Lanyards - Low Cost Plain and Blank Lanyard Supplies. economic flat plain lanyards, plain id lanyard, plain badge lanyards Economic secured-breakaway safety lanyards, plain breakaway badge holder safety lanyards, plain break away id lanyard series All In One Plain Safety Lanyards With Detachable Buckles, Adjustable Beads and Safety BreakawayBuckles. Super low budge pre-assembled badge holder lanyard package. Super low cost package for big event ID.
Lanayrds: for school, university, college or trade show promotion
 Special custom lanyards, pre-made and ready to go custom made and custom designed series.

Miscellaneous Pre-Made Lanyards and Ready to Go Lanyard  Series.
Super Low Cost Elastic
Low Cost
  Plastic  Tube
Low Cost
Beaded Chains
 Beaded Lanyards
Detachable and Quick Release Cell Phone
Non-Detachable Cell Phone
Lanyards: Low Cost LY-EC32 Elastic Neck Cord Lanyard For Trade Show, Convetion or Events ID Badge Holders Low Cost Supplier of safety plastic tube lanyards, breakaway plastic lanyard manufacturers, safety plastic lanyards and plastic break away safety lanyard stores. Supplier of ball chain lanyard wholesalers, beaded chains, neck chains  and metal ball chain lanyards Red, Green, Nickel, Blue and Gold Color Beaded Lanyards Manufacturers, Ball Chain Lanyards Suppliers, Beaded Chain and ID Tag Lanyard Supply Detachable and Quick Release Cell Phone Strap, Mobile Cellular Phone Straps, Digital Music Player Lanyard Strap, Camera, Camcorder, Tool, Computer Accessory, Electronic Device, USB Flash Drive Lanyards, Holders or Carrying Straps Supplies Non-Detachable Cell Phone, Flash Light, Tool and ID Badge Holder Strap and Lanyards With Small Rings For Extra Function.
Badge Holders For ID Cards, Plastic Name Badges, Magnetic Name Tags or Ticket Holder Supplies.
Suppliers, wholesalers, designers and manufactureres of badge holders, ID card, Plastic name badge, name tag, sports ticket and ID badge holder supplies. Making name badges and ID holders for school, college or university student, convention, trade show giveaway, exhibit, EXPO, corporation, state or federal government employee, military, event, meeting, sporting, seminar, concert, party, hospital, nursing home, church, chain store, membership, fundraising, business, and company security ID badge systems etc.
ID Badge Holder, ID Holders, Badge Holder, Name Badge Holders
Badge Reels and Retractable Badge Holders Supplies
Badge Reels, Retractable Badge Holders, Clips, ID Cards, Name Badges, keyrings, Keychains and Retractable Key Reel Supplies.
Buy or shop badge reel, retractable badge holder reels, key chain reel and swivel hook id holder reels special
Ez-Adjustable, Eye-Catching and Pre-Printed Pattern Lanyards  For Personal Use, Small Business, Fundraising or Kids Party.
Combination View of
, Animal Print, Funny Novelty, Zoo, Personal or Small Business Lanyards.
Combination View of LY-P1
Military CAMO 
Leopard Print
Cow Print
Scottish or Irish
Blue Plaid
Scottish or Irish
Red Tartan Plaid
Novelty and Funny Lanyards For ID Name Badge Holders, Fundraising and Promotional Giveaway Gifts. Camouflage Lanyards: Concealing Colors, Patterns, Themes Printed CAMO Lanyards. Leopard Print Lanyards, Rosette Coat Patterns Printed Lanyards - Leopard Lanyard Stores. Cow Lanyards: Moo Cow Print Lanyards, Cow Spots or Cow Patterns Printed Animal Lanyards. Blue Plaid Lanyards with Cool Blue Plaid, Tartan, Kilt or Scotland Highlander Themes. Scottish or Irish Red Tartan Plaid Lanyards with Cool Red Tartan Plaid, Kilt or Scotland Highlander Themes.
Buy Or Shop Ez-Adjustable Non-Printed Or Color Patterns Printed ID Name Badge Holder Lanyards Pricing
Only A Small Amount of Money, You Can Buy Yourself A Nice Looking Lanyards For Your Fashion IDs or Name Badges!
As Small Minimum Order As 1 Piece ! In Stock - Ship Immediately
Happy Face
Great Gift
Zebra Print
 Tiger Print
Modern Art
Pop Arts.
Sun Flower
Big Reflective
Happy Face Lanyards: Smiling Face Lanyards, Laughing, Smiley Faces and Funny Smile Face Printed Lanyards. Zebra Lanyards: Cool Zebra Print Lanyards, Zebra Stripes or Zebra Pattern Printed Lanyards. Luxurious Tiger Lanyards: Tiger Print Lanyards, Tiger Stripes or Tiger Pattern Printed Lanyards. Modern Art Lanyards: Geometric, Abstract, Psychedelic, Trippy, Groovy, Pop Arts Lanyards. Flower Lanyards: Cool Sunflower Print Lanyards, Sun Flower Patterns Printed Lanyards. Big Reflective Lanyards: Pre-Printed Reflective 3M Ink Lanyards, Light Reflected In Dark Lanyards.


Eye-Catching Promotional
Custom Imprinted Fashion Models
Double Ends With Flexible Length
Ship Immediately
Ez-Adjustable Plain,
Non-Printed or Blank
Ez-Adjustable Double Ends Non-Printed or Blank
Thick and Big  Plain Colors
Ship Immediately
Ez-Adjustable Lanyard Hardware
Dye Sublimated with Custom Silk Screen Imprints Printed Double End Models With Easy Adjustable Length Ez-Adjustable Plain, Non-Printed or Blank Lanyards: Variable Length Lanyards With Belt or Hat Straps Style of Cam Buckles. Ez-Adjustable Double Ends Plain, Non-Printed or Blank Lanyards: Variable Length Double End Lanyards With Belt or Hat Straps Style of Cam Buckles. 1" Wide: Eye Catching, Heavy Duty and Economic - For Sporting Ticket, Event Pin or ID Name Badge. Ez-Adjustable Lanyard Hardware Supplies: Adjutable Swivel Hooks, Badge Clips, Key Rings, Cell Phone Connectors and Snap Hooks.
LY-411 series sturdy cord lanyards come with flexible, adjustable, retractable and safety break-away function.
As Small Minimum Order As 1 Piece ! In Stock - Ship Immediately.
Durable Safety Adjustable Cord
 Application Instruction Guides
Retractable Rubber Tube Lanyards
Heavy Duty Attachment
Retractable Safety
Pre-Made Ready ToGo
Double Ends
Universal String Connectors
Cell Phone Style of Connectors
Safety Cord Lanyards, Round Cord Plain Lanyards: LY-411 Safety Breakaway ID Lanyards Retractable Safety Lanyards, Retractable ID Lanyards Sample Application Instructions and Guides Retractable Safety Lanyards with Retractable ID Holders, Badge Clips, Key Chains, Swivel Hooks or Spring Hooks Rubber Tube Safety lanyards, Breakaway Rubber Tube Lanyards, Heavy Duty Safety Lanyard Series Ready ToGo Double Ends - Badge Clips or Swivel Hooks  Lanyards custom badge reels or custom reractable badge holders.
Plain Safety Lanyards, Cord Lanyards, Adjustable Retractable Lanyards, Adjustable Lanyards

Custom Lanyards
Custom Designed or Custom Made Lanyards: Custom Imprinted , Custom Logo Printed , Personalized and Customized Lanyard Series.
High quality 6-color silk screen imprinting and multi-color dye-sub for personalized and customized logos are available for custom designed and custom made lanyards. We have in house expert art designers can design a unique artwork for your approval in 20 minutes.
 Flat Cotton
 Silk Screen Imprinted 
3/8", 5/8", 3/4" & 1"
 Heavy Duty
Custom Logo Printed 
3/8", 5/8", 3/4" & 1"
Double Layer
3/8", 5/8", 3/4" & 1"
 Heavy Duty
5/8", 3/4" & 1" Patriotic
Custom Logo Imprinted.
3/8", 5/8", 3/4" & 1"
 Dye Sub
LY-402 3/8" Low Cost University, College or School Lanyards, ID badge Lanyard Series 3/8", 5/8", 3/4" & 1"  Heavy Duty Neck Lanyards - Custom Lanyards with Silk Screen Printed Logos Soft-Touch Double Layer Ccustom Imprinted Heavy Duty Detachable Custom Neck Lanyards with Option of Safety Breakaway Buckles Heavy Duty Patriotic Lanyards with Option of Safety Breakaway buckles, or Velcro Breakaway Connectors. Dye Sub Neck Lanyards - Custom Lanyards with Dye Sublimated Multi-Color Logos
custom lanyards, Imprinted lanyards, Printed Lanyards
Custom Double End and Double Hardware Attachment Lanyards Series.
Lanyard Straps, Cords, Strings, Ribbons, Webbings PMS Color
 Reference Guide
Double Ends, Double Fasteners .
Double Hardware Attachment
 Two Fasteners with Two Ends
3/4" &1"
 2 Fasteners
and 2 Ends
Retractable Lanyards
= Retractable Badge Reel or Badge Holder + Lanyard Cost
Lanyard PMS Color ( Pantone Matching System ) - Lanyards Color Reference Guide Custom Neck Lanyards: 1/8" LY-401 Double Ends with or Double Fasteners or Double Attachments Lanyards. Custom Lanyards: 3/8" LY-402-DA & LY-402HD-DA Double Fastener Attachments with Two Ends Lanyards. Custom Lanyards: 5/8" LY-404HD-DA Two Fasteners with Two Ends Lanyards. Custom Lanyards: 3/4" LY-405HD-DA & 1" LY-406HD-DA Heavy Duty Lanyards with 2 Fasteners and Two Ends. Retractable Lanyards = Retractable Badge holder, Retractable Badge Reel, Retractable Badge Clips, Retractable Key Chain or Retractable Swivel Hook + Lanyard
custom lanyards, Imprinted lanyards, Printed Lanyards
Woven Lanyards and Sporting Lanyards
Custom Woven Lanyards, Custom Woven Logo Neck or Wrist Lanyards and Sports Lanyard Series.
Imprinting Colors
Any Metallic,
Pantone & Reflective
At No Extra Charge
Bottled Water or Water Bottle Lanyards
Sports Lanyard Applications Heavy Duty & Light Weight
Thick & Coarsely Embroidered Soft-Touch Round Cord Woven
Metal Style You are viewing Lanyards > Eye-Catching Metal Style - Metallic Color Custom Imprinted Lanyards With Reflective and Shiny Metallic Looks ! GrMetal Style - Reflective and Metallic Color Imprinted Sports Lanyards: Bottled Water Lanyards, Water Bottle Lanyard Supplies. Sports Lanyard: Bottled Water Lanyard, Water Bottle Lanyards with Rubber Rings. 1/2", 3/4" & 1"  Heavy Duty & Light Weight Woven Lanyards - Custom Woven Logo Neck Lanyards with Weaved-In Logo. Custom Woven Lanyards, Embroidered lanyards: Custom Woven Logo Neck Lanyard Supplies.

custom safety lanyards, breakaway lanyards
Custom Safety Lanyards with Multiple Safety Protection Series.
Up to 3 safety breakaway buckles can be installed on safety lanyards to get multiple protection.
3/8" and 5/8"
Safety Breakaway Buckles
Reflective Color Printed 3/8"
Flat Cotton
LY- 403HD
Heavy Duty
LY-503HD 5/8" Heavy Duty
5/8", 3/4" & 1"  VELCROŽ Safety-Breakaway
Safety Lanyard Hardware Accessories, Parts,  Supplies: Safety Breakaway Buckles or Connectors with Safety Lanyards Making Instructions. Safety Lanyards: reflective lanyards, reflective color lanyards, lanyards with reflection Safety Lanyards: LY-403 Multiple Safety Breakaway Neck Lanyards Heavy Duty Safety Lanyards: LY-403HD Multiple Safety Break Away Neck Lanyards Custom Logo Imprinted Safety Lanyards: LY-503HD Multiple Safety Break Away Neck Lanyards

3/4" and 1"
Big Size
Safety Breakaway Buckles

Multi-Safety Custom

Multi-Safety ID Pass
Custom-Logo Printed Sample
  - 1
Custom-Logo Imprinted Sample
 - 2
Lanyards Making Hardware Tool
Safety ID Lanyards Hardware Accessories: Industrial Safety Breakaway Plastic Buckles or Plastic Connectors with How to Make Lanyard Instruction Safety Lanyards: reflective lanyards, reflective color lanyards, lanyards with reflection Safety Lanyards: LY-403 Multiple Safety Breakaway Neck Lanyards custom logo lanyard custom logo lanyard Hand Press - Lanyard Making Hardware Tool, Accessories & Supplies - With Simple How-To-Make Lanyards Instructions

Special custom lanyards, pre-made and ready to go custom made and custom designed series.

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MP3 Straps ,Camera Straps, USB, Fancy, Call, Paintball, Fundraising, Kids and Key lanyards.

We are lanyard, badge holder, reel and clip wholesaler, supplier, retailer, reseller, contractor, vendor, distributor, exporter importer and lanyards online shopping wholesale store.

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